The Ultimate Outback Experience

95 Million Years In The Making.

Your luxury tented stay will take you back millions of years to when Outback Australia was an ocean and the earth was inhabited by massive dinosaurs.

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RANGELANDS OUTBACK CAMP is an “adults only” 6 (six) TENT CAMP for only 12 pampered guests. 

You’ll get to immerse yourself in the true outback story of what earth was like millions of years ago but in 21st century style & comfort.

Each supersize tent has a king size bed with top designer comforts and touches of the land’s heritage.

Your spacious rustic bathroom allows you to experience a rain shower with a spectacular outback view.

Our gourmet chef will satisfy your appetite with delicious meals that stay in touch with our outback culture and preferences for local produce.

Rangelands Outback Camp is located on top of a jump up or mesa on Rangelands Station, a working cattle property 10km north of Winton, Queensland, Australia. The Winton Shire covers 53,935 square kilometres and has a population of a mere 1,600 people. It is the centre of an important cattle and sheep raising region of predominantly flat semi-arid land known as the Channel Country.

How long should you stay?

We recommend at least a 3 to 4 night visit to give you time to explore “Dinosaur Country”  Winton, QLD Australia.

Visiting “Lark Quarry” to witness the world’s only known dinosaur stampede showing some 3,300 footprints.

Exploring the “Australian Age of Dinosaurs” where you’ll learn how hundreds of dinosaurs were discovered and watch volunteers restore ancient skeletons for exhibit.

Learning the history of Winton on a leisurely heritage coach ride around the historic pubs & footpath dining.

Enjoying a cinema night in one of the last remaining original Australian outdoor cinemas with canvas seats.

Absorbing some privileged museum moments learning about Australia’s unofficial national anthem – Waltzing Matilda.

Wandering back in time through our stunning “Rangelands Rifts” created millions of years ago by water & wind erosion.

Understanding the local indigenous culture visiting the Bladensburg National Park – Scrammy Gorge & Skull Hole.

Living the true outback life as you watch the spectacular sunsets turn into a stargazers dream.